Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new to blogging...

So, I am new to blogging, so bear with me.
I have set up my classroom in groups, but have nothing on my walls, bulletin boards, ANYTHING!  I have attempted to create my classroom documents; syllabus, letter to parents, laptop usage contract, expectations contract, etc.  Our entire curriculum has changed and we as a department have relied on the pacing guides to plan and it is so very different, it has all been a little overwhelming!  I need to get the first two weeks planned...that is my goal before Monday
Oh, and I lost my flash drive for school, that has all of my documents from the past two years on it...needless to say, I am scrambling here and recreating everything, and rather tired.  So, I am using this blog to vent and reach out to others for inspiration that "this too shall pass" and things will get better.  I have to get my room set up for open house tomorrow night and print up something to show parents regarding the pilot and the course their student is taking with me.  And this is where I am at 4:23 on Tuesday afternoon...

So I am revisiting this at 8:10 Wednesday morning and I have thought a lot about my upcoming year and my feelings/ fears...and I realized that there is no way that I have been entrusted with all this responsibility without the ability to be successful. With what I believe there's no way that I've been given this opportunity to just fail. So all that said I'm more hopeful.  It's amazing what a good workout and a good nights sleep will do :-)


  1. Marty gave me some great advice when he suggested a gradual approach with the implementation of the devices. It's easy to get overwhelmed with programs and ideas that you want to use right off the bat, especially after leaving the common core trainings. For me, I want to be sure that I know what I'm to do with this new common core curriculum. I have to get a grasp on that before I can see how to bring in technology. For open house...throw some posters on the wall and break out the toys. Collect contact information using Google.docs, use Socrative to poll parents/students about questions and concerns, shake hands with the parents, and send them on their way. As for your room...it will take some time to get your classroom to look the way you want it. I would focus on the curriculum these next few days and keep things simple. Best of luck!

    1. you are the best Mike! I got my boards set up and charging laptops and created spreadsheet in google.docs for parent info. Supply list printed
      ...keeping it simple :-)