Wednesday, August 22, 2012

open house

We had open house tonight and it was exciting to talk to all of my students and parents about the upcoming year and all I have planned for our class.  I am looking forward to using edmodo as a means to communicate with students and parents as we progress through the year.  It will serve to be a notification system regarding upcoming assignments/assessments, but will also be a place where students post questions and comments about the class.  Our grade level PLC (10th grade) discussed 'writing across the curriculum' and this is one way that I can charge students with the task of writing thoughtful and concise ideas.  I am so grateful to Mike for his response to my overwhelmed plea and it helped me to focus my efforts.  I used the laptops with google docs to have parents/students provide me with contact information.  It was cool to see them all updating the same document and to see their reaction :-) I had a lot of parents very excited about the coming year with the devices and the students too.  So far so good...and my bulletins are covered!

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