Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Am I still standing...

      Oh my goodness folks....between juggling new responsibilities with NHS, teaching 2 new classes, teaching one block Geometry and 2 year long geometry, a year long Int II and a year long Int III, incorporating Common core curriculum, integrating technology (where I can); not to mention my other life (outside of school) where I am planning a wedding and training for and competing in triathlons.....my life is BUSY!!! And each moment, I do my best to remember which direction I am going.  Don't let me fool you though...I love it this way, it's EXCITING! No really, I was heading into my third year of teaching and had an easy 2nd year and I felt like I wanted more, so I volunteered for NHS and jumped on the opportunity to be part of the pilot to integrate a mobile learning community into (and outside of) my classroom.
         So, here I am on Tuesday night, finished with an A day, where I have block Geometry, then planning (preparing for 3rd and 4th for the day, as my life is day to day right now), then Int III and Int II to finish the day.  I had several students to stay after school to tutor and make test corrections, which is Great, but doesn't give me much time to plan/get work done...which time is what I need today :-) I mean, can't we add more hours in the day.  
          I have received my classroom solutions, and as of today at 11:00 it was set up and functioning...now how to use it, that's another story.  But, as I told my students the rest of the day, I am learning and I thank them for being patient with me; yeah right....they kept trying to tell me how to use it :-) So I have fully integrated using Edmodo into my class and use it to communicate not only with my students but with parents too regarding upcoming quizzes, performance in class/on assessments, homework, at-a-boys/girls, thank you's to classes for such productive class sessions, etc.  Now, I want to integrated the use of the laptops into class on a regular basis, so it is an integral part of our environment.  At the moment, I feel like I can plan for it, and make a lesson, but then when we use them, it takes so much time, I feel like I don't get as much as I need to/want to/is set out in the pacing guide to get done.  So my goal in the coming week is to make it more a part of class, so that I may not have the "headache"/anxiety surrounding the time it takes to make use of the technology...

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  1. You Go Kathyrn! I will appreciate hearing how your integration of Edmodo is going. I have sent Parent Codes to parents who want to keep up with their students' work, but not to all. Are the students "talking" amongst each other? If so, how's that working? Is there concern about WHAT they'll type?
    Keep taking it one day, (sometimes period) at a time!