Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Using Laptops Week 7...

First, let me say, I cannot believe it is only week 7 into the year! I have a block class (I see them everyday) and I feel like I have been with them a lifetime.  We have used the laptops more than any other class, as I have been able to catch my breath to then fill it with developing lessons to use Geometers Sketchpad (GSP).  It has been a difficult task getting them comfortable with using the tools on the program so that it may be an instrument to expanding their understanding of the geometric properties, relationships, etc.  This software was so effective in learning geometric properties for me, that I really want to impart this onto my students, providing them yet another medium to see and understand the various properties we are studying.  Today was our 6th or 7th time using GSP to investigate and I feel like it went OK, it just took longer than I'd hoped for them to be able to construct the sketch.  So, there was less time than I felt necessary to really grapple with the relationships of the angles. The picture below encompasses what we were focused on:
We investigated Parallel lines yesterday and
introduced transversal lines today
in order to discover relationships of Corresponding
Angles, Alt. Int/Alt. Ext Angles, Same-Side Int/Ext Angles.
I am hopeful about them becoming more comfortable and I am committed to being patient with them to develop the skills necessary to use this as a resource to discover geometric properties.  It can be so beneficial.  

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