Sunday, September 9, 2012

Edmodo... I think I love you.

Sunday evening and I'm looking over my "papers" to grade.  My A Day students accessed Edmodo on Friday, completed a Bellringer, and looked for cognates (words that look/sound like words from your own language) on Spanish/French store sights, (Furniture, Grocery, Electronics & Department stores) - definitely authentic learning! One of my students was seen copying my Symbaloo URL so he could revisit the Hot Tub deal he found! (Wonder what shipping will be from France!!??).  I like being able to leave personalized comments on my students work.

 A few of my very social students used Edmodo to "backchat".  I'll need to share with them about the purpose of Edmodo as a classroom tool.

Most of my students found the "TURN IN" box tocomplete their work, but some will have to re-do their assignments because they "posted" their answers instead of "turning in" their assignments.  I did find out that if you group the same work for several classes, the answers come back together too.  Edmodo will take some time to figure out, but so far, I see it being the vehicle for a lot of our classwork.

I ran into a parent Sat. a.m., running errands and she said her daughter introduced her to her classroom "Facebook". It reminded me I need to gather my parents' emails (from the Laptop Rules form they filled out) and send out offerings to use the Parent code feature in Edmodo.

Looking to this next week, all of my classes will be using Edmodo.  My "most looking forward to" this week is that my World Language classes, after learning about Communication, (speech, writing, gestures, sounds, symbols) will be working on my first generated PBL.  They are to decide on a message and a mode of communication to introduce us to the Martians.

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  1. I am with you Cathy...I LOVE Edmodo and the openness that it promotes among my students to communicate with one another as well as with me. I also like the accessibility it allows me to their assignments; I can grade them and comment on them from my phone! Some of the direct messages I have received from my students have given me such joy...not just the content, it may be simple, but the fact that they are communicating (when otherwise don't in class) and that it is available to me immediately on my phone and I can reply to them :-)
    Edmodo...I do love you!!!