Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Support makes all the difference.

Last Thursday evening, we all gathered at Mt. Tabor for our first 1:1 Device Pilot meeting.  The absolute highlight of the gathering was sharing our triumphs and our failures.  Charging devices, downloading apps, juggling technology with pacing were some of the repeat topics.  As each took a turn of sharing a plus and minus, the others of us could be seen nodding in agreement, making notes at an offered remedy, groaning in shared frustration or snacking on some candy corn, popcorn and mints (Katherine is a gracious hostess, thanks Katherine!).

We have so much in common and so little.  I can't help but wonder how big that chasm of difference will be when we go full District 1:1, but I'm sure it will demonstrate the same comraderie and support that we share amongst us go-firsters.

I'm attaching a pic of the Bloom's Taxonomy pyramid  that shows the apps we've used these past three weeks and where the activity falls that we applied it to - We all noticed they were low on the pyramid, but agreed, it's early yet - If we are still seeing the same pattern as the year moves forward, then we'll need to look more closely at our plans.
We posted our apps and what objectives were being met.
You can see, we're just starting to climb!

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