Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dog Training and more...

Journal Entry:
Early August

Today was the beginning of a new month. Summer was quickly fading away. Today was also our first day of real training. I was beginning the technology with lots of excitement yet some uncertainty... could you really teach an old dog new tricks? We'd soon find out.

It was great to see our team face to face.

Our training was not the normal every day technology training where you went in and sat at the computer and people spoon fed you what you hoped to learn, needed to learn, or wanted to learn.

I think that we were all taken by surprise. I know that at least I was surprised. We didn't sit behind the computer screens and listen to the average lecture-type jargon. It was a real hands-on experience!

The training was geared toward problem-based learning, inquiry, and teamwork.  I knew all about problem-based learning, having been trained in it several years ago, and having used it on a regular basis in my classroom. I used inquiry all the time in science and math. No Problem! Then came the teamwork part.  In most of the situations that I had experienced, roles or positions were appointed. Not in  this case.
The trainers were waiting for us to jump in and go at it.

We spent the first half of the morning trying to get know each other and how we fit together as a team. Most of the team fit perfectly together...their common tie...the  knowledge of technology. I was the weak link. The lack of technology was holding me back, and therefore, it was holding the team back. This was not what I had anticipated.

We were given a problem-based assignment and expected to produce a final product. I approached the task with more confidence as this was real-world learning much like lessons that I used in my classroom.

I realized quickly that I was not a tech-savy teacher. All of my other team mates were rolling out those technology talents. I had little-to-no skills at this point. My future did not look good!

By lunch time, the team was meshing, and I was frustrated because I didn't know what I was doing and was confident that that feeling would remain.  I ended the day on a down note.

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