Saturday, October 13, 2012

Next step...

Monday started with classroom visits from Steven and Evan.  Professionally, I welcome visitors to my classroom, but personally, I'm always anxious.  Is my lesson strong? Are my students on task?  Am I using the devices in the most beneficial way?  Monday was a "B" day too.  On "B" days, I deliver five (5) different lesson plans over three (3) grade levels through six (6) classes.  "A" days are easier - four (4) different lesson plans - three (3) levels - five (5) classes.  - And it was ... Monday.  Looking forward, when classroom devices become a reality throughout our District, juggling/managing preps, student population, classroom location, administration, and teacher personalities will all factor in.  The human side of technology.

Strong strides came from Steven and Evan's visits.  I've been struggling with slow start up time because I was having my classes log off/shut down after each class. I've been ten - sometimes more - minutes just trying to complete the bellringer portion of my class lesson using side lessons for those quick finishers.  From Steven's visit, (followed by Marty's the next day), we decided to try just logging off - not shutting down between classes. I'd been trying to save the battery, but with the Lenovo x130's,  it's just not necessary. (hoorah!!) That's helped.

Evan's suggestion to put my Wallwisher links on Edmodo to cut down on the time it's taking for students to type in the quirky web addresses is helping me make my start up time more manageable too.  I'm also considering starting the class differently. More on that later.

From their visits, I've recognized that I need guidance and recommendations to improve instruction, flow of classtime schedule and how to maximize my devices' capabilities to get good "bang for the buck".  It's time. Marty affirmed just that.  It's the next step in his implementation plan. First quarter was the "burn in" time - working out the mechanical and introductory "problems".  Now, it's time to work on lesson implementation, structure and guidance to support strong program delivery.

Step by step by step.

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